Choosing Shoes to Help with Knee Pain

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Knee pain is extremely uncomfortable. The causes can range from sore or torn ligaments, overusing your knees, arthritis or issues with your feet that affect how you walk. The type of shoes that you wear has an impact on knee pain. In this blog, we will give you some tips for finding the best shoes to help relieve knee pain.

It’s in the Cushion

Well-cushioned shoes will help prevent shock to your knees. Good cushioning can also help lessen the impact of walking on hard surfaces, such as concrete sidewalks. It is important to try on both shoes and walk around the store to get an idea for how the cushions feel before buying the shoes.

Add an Insert

If you love a pair of shoes, but it does not have a great cushion, do not worry. Simply add shoe orthotics (molded inserts) to help ease knee pain by adding cushioning. The right orthotic can help keep your foot in position, reducing excessive inward rotation. Most shoe stores or retailers like WalMart and Amazon sell shoe inserts. You can also have them specifically designed by a podiatrist.

The Sole is Important

Everyone has a different type of gait, which can cause knee pain. Overpronation causes an inward rotation each time the foot hits the ground, This rotation can cause knee strain and pain. If you notice that your shoes have excessive wear on the inner sides or if the heels tilt inward, this is a sign that you overpronate. Choosing shoes that have a strong arch will help with overpronation and thus knee pain.

Avoid High Heels

High heels may be stylish, but they’re not good for your knees. High-heel wearers found that the force on the kneecap was 23 percent greater in women wearing high heels compared to barefoot women.

Pumps Cause Knee Strain Too

While high heels are a big culprit for knee pain, pumps can also cause stress to the knees. Studies have shown that women wearing shoes with heels of 1.5 inches had a 14 percent greater chance for knee stress than men.

Athletic Shoes are Not Just for Athletes

In addition to extra cushioning, footwear designed for running and fitness often has motion control and stability features to control inward rotation of the foot, lower leg, and knee. “Regular shoes rarely have these features,” says Dr. Kurtz. Examples of these features include firm heel cups, side posts for lateral support, and midsoles that are constructed to help keep the foot in the correct position when walking.

Our therapists have extensive experience treating knee pain and other forms of orthopedic pain. We treat sprains, strains, fractures, post-surgery and repetitive overuse injuries or trauma. At ProTouch Physical Therapy, we will evaluate your condition and devise an individualized treatment program based on the findings and the patient’s’ specific goals. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

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