Levator Ani Syndrome

What is Levator Ani Syndrome?

The pain of levator ani syndrome is caused by a spasm in the levator ani muscle.

Pain may radiate to the hips, tailbone, or other areas such as clitoris, pelvis, testicles, and lower abdomen.This pain is usually unrelated to a bowel movement, and there appears to be no structural abnormalities or underlying conditions responsible for the symptoms.

Levator Ani consists of:

  • Puborectalis
  • Pubococcygeus
  • Iliococcygeus

Spasm in the Puborectalis (one part of the Levator ani muscle) may cause chronic constipation, hemorrhoids (internal/external), and pain. Spasm in the Pubococcygeus/Iliococcygeus cause coccyx/tailbone pain that gets worse after movement or sitting.

The symptoms of levator ani syndrome include pain high in the rectum or urethra (especially in females)  that may be:

  • irregular and spontaneous
  • a sense of pressure in the rectum
  • felt when sitting
  • relieved when standing or lying down
  • unrelated to bowel movements
  • severe enough to interrupt sleep

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