Patient Testimonials

  • “Having seen several well-known physical therapists throughout NJ for a chronic condition, I found the BEST when I met Zarina Vitebsky. Zarina is extremely intelligent and knowledgeable utilizing cutting edge as well as holistic approaches in her therapy…”

  • “I highly recommend Zarina Vitebsky and ProTouch Physical Therapy to anyone suffering from Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. She has a deep understanding of how to help her patients deal with complexities and complications associated with this painful and enigmatic condition, from both a hands-on and emotional perspective…”

  • “For over 13 years, I dealt with shoulder pain in both shoulders, which commonly lead to pain in my upper back and neck due to overcompensation. For approximately 5 years, I was in and out of big name physical therapists and orthapedists who provided standard therapy to treat my shoulder injuries, but nothing really worked. It wasn’t until I started receiving therapy from Scott Gander that the daily chronic pain I was experiencing finally discipated. Scott’s therapy stood out above the rest because he looked for the root causes of the problem. For me, it was a combination of issues with posture and a couple of vertebrae frequently out of place that lead to the overuse of my shoulders, ultimately leading to my shoulder pain. During the past two years, I have periodically received therapy on my shoulders from Scott. I no longer have daily shoulder pain, and can exercise and lift weights at a level I had not been able to for several years. Scott has helped me look beyond the obvious to resolve my aches and pains. Scott recently even helped me identify a concussion! Thank you Scott for your professionalism, amazing work, and top notch care.”

  • “I am so delighted that I have the opportunity to write a testimonial for Scott. He is a gem of a person and what a great physical therapist. Being the physician and a surgeon myself I am very picky with medical care professionals that I choose for my own health. I did my due diligence to find some of the best people and then chose Scott to help me with my rehabilitation after I had meniscectomy on my knee. He was very thorough in his evaluation and guided me through the whole process without any difficulty. He is a great motivator and makes sure that you heal as fast as possible without causing yourself any harm. With his help within 6 weeks I was able to run 5 miles without any pain. I hope I don’t need him again but if I do need a physical therapist I’m certainly going to Scott. Thank you again for everything that you have done for me Scott.”

  • “This place is the bomb. I have been to so many “physical therapy factories” over the years, and this place is operating in an entirely different dimension. Scott & Zarina are absolutely on point all the time, and bring great energy without exception. I have never seen a facility where each and every patient receives such phenomenal personalized and private attention and care.

    At Protouch, there is above and beyond service and energy, and it truly next-level. This place blows everything else out of the water, and I look forward to each visit. Don’t get stuck rehabbing at some other facility.

    Btw, the conversation quality is seriously for real. No water-cooler conversation going on here whatsoever.

    TL;DR: Protouch is next level. Don’t go anywhere else.”

  • “I have been going for physical therapy on and off for years and Pro touch hand down is the best I have ever been to. They take the time to listen and work with you to come up with a plan to maximize your recovery time and get you back in the gym. I came to PT with what I thought was pulled quads and for over 6 months I tried to heal and fix them myself but didn’t work. After my initial eval, Scott concluded that it wasn’t my quads at all but a back issue. He worked with me and came up with an exercise program customized to my ability and injury and got me back in the gym in record time. Thank you Scott a Zarina without you I would have never had made it back so fast with great results. If you want a professional, courteous and top-notch physical therapy team, Pro Touch is it.”

  • “Pelvic Pain is a complex chronic pain, mind-body syndrome. Zarina is extremely knowledgable, supportive, and professional. She is very clear in giving instructions for home exercise. She is reassuring and optimistic. I had already been to several physical therapists; with Zarina, I am progressing for the first time!”

  • “I’m a 61-year-old who has been treated by multiple physical therapists for a variety of ailments including lower back pain, sciatica, and a surgically reattached pectoral tendon.  The ProTouch facility is immaculate, has a full complement of exercise machines and medical equipment to treat almost any condition imaginable.  After my initial evaluation, the intensity of the treatment I received on my first visit by Zarina and her assistants was by far more extensive than anything else I had ever experienced.  In subsequent visits, I observed individualized programs tailored to the needs and abilities of a variety of patients.  They all use a professional mix of encouragement and correction to perform stretching properly and challenging patients so that they get the most out of their treatments.  I’ve seen all age ranges and ability levels attending with a wide range of operating hours to accommodate varied work schedules.  I prefer to be challenged so that I feel like I get my money’s worth out of my visits.  I have not been disappointed.”

  • “When I first got CPPS/CP I did not know what was happening to me and was scared.  I was in pain and only wanted help from a knowledgeable physical therapist that worked with males. I chose Zarina because she’s been coached by the pioneers in CPPS. Zarina explained what was going on with my pelvic floor, gave me stretches to do at home, and is compassionate and caring during our sessions.  Her enthusiasm sometimes is just what you need. Zarina has helped me feel better in only a few short months, and I know I’m only going to keep progressing. The center also has plenty of space to do some stretches and the staff is very warm and friendly.”