External Cold Laser

The cold laser light therapy offered at ProTouch Physical Therapy is used to stimulate the healing of scar tissue without doing damage to the tissue. Cold laser treatments are one of the most effective healing options for scars due to trauma or operations. This technique is used to increase blood flow to the tissue in order to help rebuild new tissue and alleviate scar pain. Cold laser therapy has been proven to reduce scar tissue pain and improve the overall appearance of the scar.

During each session the cold laser is used for two 3:40 minute rounds of light treatment followed by a 10-12 minute friction massage to help mobilize the scar tissue. Most patients begin seeing improvement in the appearance of the scar within 3 to 5 short treatments. Treatment duration can vary depending on the severity of the scar.

The ProTouch Physical Therapy Method

At ProTouch Physical Therapy, we pioneered the use of Low Level Laser Therapy in conjunction with one-on-one manual therapy.  Low Level Laser Therapy is an extremely effective modality used to treat a wide range of conditions such as tendonitis, nerve conditions, muscle pain, sprains, migraines, trigger points, post-surgical scar tissue and a variety of pelvic floor conditions. At ProTouch, our patients are reporting quicker recoveries and less pain after being treated by Low Level Laser Therapy.  Unlike other laser products on the market, our Dynatronics Solaris Plus Tri-Wave cold laser is FDA approved and this technology has been researched and used in Europe and Japan for the last 30 years. This unit is a bio-stimulator that helps the body heal itself, sending its photon energy to injured tissue, accelerating the body’s natural healing mechanisms.  

Laser therapy helps to decrease pain and inflammation, improve nerve function, prevents keloids in scars and improves blood circulation to the tissues. It is a Class 3 laser device that produces no heat, and does not cut, coagulate or vaporize any tissue.  This unit is safe to use on pregnant patients, children, post-surgical patients with plates and pins, directly on the spine and on painful scar tissue.

Cold Laser has been successfully used for:

  • Disc bulges, herniation, lesions
  • Tendonitis
  • Neuropathy
  • Nerve Pain
  • Scars mobility/appearance
  • Arthritis
  • Edema/Swelling
  • Soft Tissue Injury
  • Wound care
  • Ligament injuries
  • Degenerative Joint Conditions
  • Pre and Post-surgical treatment

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