“For over 13 years, I dealt with shoulder pain in both shoulders, which commonly lead to pain in my upper back and neck due to overcompensation. For approximately 5 years, I was in and out of big name physical therapists and orthapedists who provided standard therapy to treat my shoulder injuries, but nothing really worked. It wasn’t until I started receiving therapy from Scott Gander that the daily chronic pain I was experiencing finally discipated. Scott’s therapy stood out above the rest because he looked for the root causes of the problem. For me, it was a combination of issues with posture and a couple of vertebrae frequently out of place that lead to the overuse of my shoulders, ultimately leading to my shoulder pain. During the past two years, I have periodically received therapy on my shoulders from Scott. I no longer have daily shoulder pain, and can exercise and lift weights at a level I had not been able to for several years. Scott has helped me look beyond the obvious to resolve my aches and pains. Scott recently even helped me identify a concussion! Thank you Scott for your professionalism, amazing work, and top notch care.”