Why Winter is the Best Time to Address Allergies

According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) every season corresponds to one of our major organ systems. Now that it’s winter, we should be paying attention to our Kidneys. Simply put, the Kidneys are “on duty” during the winter months. Strong, healthy Kidneys means your immune system will stay healthy enough to keep away the common cold and maybe even the flu.

What are the 2 most dramatic environmental aspects of winter? Cold and wind. TCM takes the environmental elements of wind and cold very seriously. Remember your mother or grandmother scolded you to keep your ears covered on cold, windy, days? Well that’s not just old-fashioned advice, it’s tried and true wisdom according to TCM’s 5,000 year history. Our ears are under the domain of our Kidneys. So any ear problem like tinnitus or deafness, and frequent ear infections are signs your Kidney function could be better. The Kidneys don’t like cold or wind. There’s a saying in TCM that the ears are the body’s opening to the Kidneys. So keeping your ears covered from cold and wind is a very practical and easy way to conserve your Kidney energy. Also, something as simple as rubbing your ears frequently during the day can actually stimulate your Kidney energy.

There’s a special acupuncture point on the bottom of each foot in the center at the base of the metatarsal bones. Rubbing that point will stimulate your kidney energy. Wearing socks in the colder months helps protect this point from cold entering the body. Even wearing flip flops or sandals in the warmer months helps protect this vulnerable entry point. Also, sitting on a cold floor is also a sure way for cold to enter your kidneys.

TCM understands that the root cause of seasonal allergies lies with your Kidney function. Do you avoid the great outdoors during one of nature’s most beautiful times because of the attack to your senses – itchy watery eyes and nose, sneezing, coughing, to name a few? The best time to boost your Kidney function is during its season – winter. The idea is to fine-tune your Kidneys to the energetic vibration of the season. This will give you a headstart in reducing your springtime symptoms. A well-planned course of acupuncture and herbal medicine will go a long way to a much more comfortable and enjoyable springtime.

If you are feeling any symptoms of the cold or the flu, it is important that you are evaluated by a trained therapist. Our therapists are here to help with all of your therapy needs. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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